Click here to download the demo and updates (fully functionnal, limited to the Seattle area)

Active Camera 2004 is available as shareware. Get the licence via secure server :

through PayPal

Once done we need your User registration key.

  1. 1.Open the Active Camera 2004 menu (FS2004) - Options – ActiveCamera 2004.

  2. 2.Click on “Register”.

  3. 3.Your computer will generate the unique number which is your User registration key (32 digits).

  4. 4.Send the User registration key to Please keep the same e-mail address you used for the transaction. To avoid any error, copy this long number to the clipboard (press CTRL+C) and paste it in your e-mail (press CTRL+V).

  5. 5.On receipt of your User registration key we will generate your personal authorization key code. We will send your authorization key code to you by e-mail, not later than the next day.

Some unsolicited comments of Active Camera users ...

Active Camera is quite marvelous.  I have a PPL but haven't flown for many years.   But, I know head movement and vision in a real Cessna 172.  When I started Flight Sim, I noticed that a big difference between simming and real flying was the vision.  In simming I made many adjustment especially in approach to compensate for lack of real vision. Instead of making adjustments as I did, you and your team had the great idea and the abilities to develop Active Camera.   Congratulations!
I also installed Active Camera for 2002 (I keep FS2002 on my PC) so I'll be using your product there also
Bernie, USA

I've been using flight simulators (a lot!) since 1983 and your product ranks up there among the VERY BEST ever. Nice work !!!
Steve, USA

Active camera is now fully functional and it is a great addition to FS2004.  Thanks for your efforts
Paul, USA

Thanks. Great product
Arvydas, Lithuania

Thank you very much! Excellent work with this program - it's the new 'must have' for Flight Simulator!
Howard, United Kingdom

Your tool works great and I have always a lot of fun when I can use it.
I like specially the function of the head latency. Once accelerating down a "old and very much used " runway, it gives me in the VC a good feeling
of the aircraft movement "as real as it can get" on a PC.
Keep on going with the good work and service
Andreas, Switzerland

A TCAS! This looks great! The feature with the head tracking the AI sounds very cool
I also would like to say how much I enjoy Active Camera. The fly-by view and especially the head latency while in the virtual cockpit gives FS a totally new dimension. I wish I knew about it earlier.
Bjorn, Sweden

I love ACP for FS2004 a lot (like I already did the FS2K2 version) and the approach view option gives absolutely stunning views
Christian, Switzerland

Your active camera is a fantastic add on for MSFS.
Kevin, United Kingdom

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying active camera 2004.  It really adds to the realism factor in Flight Simulator.
Don, USA

Active Camera for me is the number one add-on for Microsoft’s’ flight simulator.
I wish you every success for the future.
Terry, United Kingdom

Active camera is a very nice and useful program and I am discovering now all the options.
Thank You
Ernesto, Italy

Just to say thanks for your Active Camera which I am using in FS2k2, especially with some of the Golden Eagles Squadron's classic aircraft (Custom Classics - Bill and Lynn Lyons). So much more realism with the Active Camera! Thanks again! David, Australia

Your active camera tool for fs 2004 is fantastic, and I really want to use it without restrictions
Richard, The Netherlands

I must say that your Active Camera for FS2002 was fantastic and it helped me with my PPL studies by alllowing me to move my head around the virtual cockpit in my Cessna 152 using the UK VFR Scenery.  Thanks very much
Kevin, United Kingdom

This is the coolest program out there for the FS series. I couldn't imagine flying the sim without this mod! I just wish they would come out with a chair that had force feedback mechanisms.
Todd, USA

I have enjoyed active camera since I bought the MAAM B-25J 'Briefing Time'. They recommended it with their package and it does  wonders for virtual cockpit navigation. It's the kind of thing that Microsoft should have put into their software in the first place, but  thankfully you created a useful add on with many extra features to boot.
Rex, USA


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