DOWNLOAD ACTIVE CAMERA 2004 version 2.1 (released on 25 August 2005)

The demo is fully functionnal, only limited to Seattle area (KSEA)

Attention FS 9.1 users : Due to a memory addresses conflict Active Camera 2004 version 1.1 or later will cause a CTD (Crash To Desktop) with FS2004 update (version 9.1)

Download the appropriate version !

Active Camera 2.1 for FS 2004 (version 9.0)

Active Camera 2.1 for FS 2004 (patched to version 9.1)



DOWNLOAD update to Active Camera 2.1 (version 1.1 or 2.0 must be installed)

Update to 2.1 for FS 2004 (version 9.0)

Update to 2.1 for FS 2004 (patched to version 9.1)



DOWNLOAD FIX for Active Camera 2.1

Due to a conflict with DirectInput on some computers the FS9.exe process is still running after FS 2004 is shut down. Therefore it was not possible to save the Active Camera settings in the setup menu.

This dll fixes the issue. Note that you will no longer be able to assign Active Camera events to any joystick button.

For 2004 (9.0)

For 2004 update (9.1)




Here are some presets  (*.acv format). Each preset can be edited (read the Active Camera documentation). Save the file in the main FS folder.

New : Captain Sim Legendary C-130

New : 747-400 view presets made by Sam Kalachoras (PMDG beta tester)

Other presets            

Bill Lyons Custom Classics series        



Français  (traduction par Sébastien Bulleteau)

Deutsch (zip file 1,91 Mb) not yet updated to version 2.1


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