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Active Camera 2004 v 2.1 (August 25, 2005)


·         Virtual tower view for AI spotting

·         Fix -  flyby view : Camera longitudinal angle is kept in the registry database

·         Auto computed approach view restored


Active Camera 2004 v 2.0 (October 10, 2004)


·         Ability to padlock any point on the scenery window. Ideal for visual airfield patterns

·         Approach view : ability to position the observer camera on ground by clicking on the scenery. Vertical offset added. Camera transition altitude added.

·         “wobble camera” effect : kind of head latency effect in spot plane view mode.

·         Cockpit sound added to head latency effect. Cockpit noise when banking, “screeching” noise when pulling more than +1.8 G or less than +0,0 G. Sound will be also played when there is enough turbulence

·         View point shaking and cockpit noise when overspeed is exceeded

·         Ability to assign any Active Camera event to any joystick button

·         Camera longitudinal angle added to the fly by view

·         Fix : reset of flyby view

·         Fix : loss of flyby view after Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation



DOWNLOAD update to Active Camera 2.1 (version 1.1 or 2.0 must be installed)



update to 2.1 for FS 2004 version 9.0


update to 2.1 for FS 2004 version 9.1






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